Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The resource for today is called Glogster.

What is Glogster?
Glogster is a program to create interactive posters that are loaded with text, graphics, music, videos, and  more. You can then send or embed these posters on blogs, Wikis, and other sorts of social media sites.

Is it free?
Glogster has three different EDU pricing amounts. There's the Educator Free, Educator Light, and Educator Premium programs. The pricing and perks are listed below:

What will Glogster bring to your classroom?
This product can prove to be beneficial in all different grades throughout the education system. From using it in the Kindergarten classroom to create a poster on their favorite author to using it in 9th grade classrooms to tell about a famous American inventor to a college student writing about an assistive device for education. This tool brings an easier way to create "poster type presentations" or visual aids, in the classroom environment without having to hassle with paper and pencil. 

How do I use Glogster?
Below, I will show you the steps of using Glogster.

Step 1: Choose your template. You can either start a classic glog (empty template) or a template that has spots for things already filled out.

Once you choose your template, scroll down and you will see these tips. They're good tips for helping students create their glog.

Step 2: Begin creating. Add graphics, text, images, videos, sounds, data, drawings, or a wall. You can add or subtract things as you go. Once you've got what you'd like on your glog, you can preview or save/publish. Then, you can share your glog or embed it.



How can I use Glogster in my classroom?
Below is a list of ways that this tool can be utilized in the classroom:

-Use for book reviews
-Summarize a storybook
-Use for weather exploration
-Use when studying ecosystems
-Create a poster on current events
-Express their poetry using posters
-Use for a famous people, time, or era page
-Use glog in solar system studies, one on each planet
-Presentation on oneself to allow others to 'get to know' you
-Create different movie trailers for books that have been read
-Create a poster report on an animal, containing pictures and text
-Explore the various wars and create a poster depicting each war
-Create a glog on a group project basis, encouraging collaboration and communication
-Create photo brochures of countries that are being studied in a foreign language classroom
-Vocabulary words - describe the word, definition, how you could use it, part of speech, etc.

Honestly, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

How would YOU use Glogster in your classroom? Answer in the comments on this post!

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